To many people home is the best place to be. I don’t know whether that is the ultimate truth to them or not. I don’t like to lie about certain things and this is among them. I dont like home at all. I hate home with a passion.

The reason why many people love home is because its less stressful, enough sleep,being with lovely siblings and all the good they expect to find home not forgetting their parents.

On a personal note, i hate home for the very opposite of what they expect to find home.

Back in the day when i was in high school, i really dreaded home. To me it was the worst place to be and it still is. Coming home was physcological punishment to me. At home; i was always being yelled and screamed at and later on be looked at as a piece of gabbage.

Home was never a place i always yearned for like the rest of the students. I preffered being at school even with the classes going on. i once almost asked the headmistess to let me stay at school for holidays. It was ironical. Everytime i came home was time to be yelled and screamed at and told the meanest words on this planet and tears were a daily meal. I got so used that it became a normal thing to me.

I always hoped to be away from home till when end of high school vacation came in. I hated being with my mum or my sister. Exactly what everyone loves.

My mother was always screaming at me for things i didn’t even have a clue about. On the other hand, my sister was always looking at me like some rotten piece of gabbage.These two threw me into tears and breakdown a zillion times and this would worsen everytime i remembered how my mum made it clear to me that i would appear in her will.

I always wanted to leave home yet i hated being in another place.

I finally joined university and when i joined the university hall of residence away from home and all alone, i felt peace condense over my heart. I felt overwhelming happiness fill my heart. Happiness i had taken years without tasting. This didnt take away the fact that i still hated home.

I didnt like the idea of coming home but i had no option. The worst times were vacation. Spending four months at home was like spending a decade in jail

Now when i thought i would escape all this during my next vacation because i was gona do internship,the government locked down any place that had gatherings taking place and among these were schools all thanks to the pandemic Corona virus.

I now have to be home quarantining, listening to my mother complain all the time and watch my sister give an attitude of ‘what the hell are you!’. This stay home has been the worst time ever since i returned from kigali last year and yet i haven’t reached a quarter the thirty two days or quarantine.

I honestly don’t like home and with time i have made up my mind, i don’t want to stay in this place again. I thought i had some love for home that i even decided to stay in this home till am married but that has long changed.

People who love home have become alien to me because for me home has never been the best.

To everyone home is the best place, to me, home is the worst place i can be later on with family!


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